false eyelashes

I love the way long, thick, and beautiful lashes look. Unfortunately, most of us were not born with awe-inspiring thick lashes. This is where false eyelashes come in. You may, however, be intimidated to try them. The good news is that the process is not as complicated as it seems. Below I’ve outlined a few tips on easily applying false lashes. In no time, you will get that glamorous look you have always wanted!

Step By Step Guide On How To Apply False Eyelashes Like A Professional

Step1: Getting Ready With Your False Eyelashes

Before you get started, you can apply black eyeliner along your natural lash line for a more seamless look. Gather your false lashes, adhesive, tweezers, eyelash curler, mascara,(which should match the color of the false eyelashes) and scissors. Take the false lashes and perform a dry trial run by placing them on your lash line, without the adhesive. This will give you an idea of where you will be applying them and if you need to trim the lashes. If you do need to trim the false lashes, do so by starting from the outer corner. For newbies, I recommend trimming them bit by bit until you achieve the right size.

Step2: Applying Your False Eyelashes

Using your tweezers, take your false lashes and apply the adhesive along the band line of the false lashes. Wait a few seconds. Tilt your head up slightly and place the eyelashes on the skin along your natural lash line. You don’t want them completely in your natural lashes, but you also don’t want any skin showing between the false lashes and your own. (This is why I recommend the trial run.)

Step3: Blending

Once you have placed the false lashes along your lash line, take your tweezers and gently squeeze your lashes along with the false lashes in order to blend them. You can even use your fingers to gently do this. Next, take your eyelash curler and curl your false lashes together with your natural lashes. Finally, take your mascara and apply a coat. This will give you the beautiful, polished look of seamless, natural looking lashes. If you don't get it right the first time, don't worry! It takes practice and you can always easily remove them. Once you get the hang of it, you will be so happy that you tried them!

Looking For New False Eyelashes?

false eyelashesAs a former model and makeup artist, I have tried a wide array of different false eyelashes. Some were good and some were not all that great. Some of these false lashes could be used only one time and the synthetic fibers did not look natural. This is why I came up with my brand of Olimpia’s false eyelashes, which are made of natural hair fibers. Unlike the synthetic lashes, this gives the wearer a more real and natural look. In addition, the Olimpia brand of eyelashes can be reused many times as long as proper care is given and the package instructions are followed. In addition, there are five different styles of eyelashes to choose from: natural volume, natural definition, natural fullness, dramatic volume and dramatic length, to get you any look that you desire.